Shakedown: Hawaii – Capitalist Simulator (Jimpressions) – Hawaii Video

Shakedown Hawaii is about being a cynical, awful person who doesn’t respect the law and actively hurts people to make money. Basically, it’s about a CEO.

The latest from the Retro City Rampage studio, this Grand Theft Auto style take on capitalistic business models is worth a scope.
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  1. I still play Retro City Rampage.

  2. Sounds like a great game, however what platforms does it support?

  3. Things I could do with more of:
    -indie game videos
    -positive videos
    -Jim Sterling's gorgeous countenance

  4. Pants down, trousers up? Dressing instructions for Superman maybe?

  5. What an amazing game.
    Thank you , Jim, for recommending this – please find more unique games like these and share them with us!
    The usual 'game reviewers' won't touch intelligent games with a ten foot pole!

  6. I like this, didn't think I would, but your video is great!
    Jim, please relax about views on youtube, do your own thing!

    Isn't that the whole point of Patreon? That you get to do what you do and people will support you regardless of all the sleazy aspects of visibility and engagement that goes into YT?


    (Epic exclusive, oh. Never mind, will wait the 6months though.)

  7. Sounds like the game has some of the same issues as Retro City Rampage. I found the technical nature of the DOS port more impressive than the game itself. The GTA elements were fun, but the game was paced weirdly with a lot of overlong "parody" sequences that I didn't find particularly funny or clever. I'll still likely check out Shakedown Hawaii once it's on GOG or Steam in a year.

  8. I watched your positive indie video. I appreciate you.

  9. Next game: Shakedown: Getting a real job — yuppie simulator.

  10. I really like these Jimpressions, they're a better indicator of quality than most corporate-scripted reviews. I bought City of Brass after seeing just how much fun it was and still go back to it every once in a while. Ha – HA!!

  11. Pants down, trousers up? Well alright.

  12. "Pants down, trousers up." Jim Sterling 2019

  13. The irony of this game being exclusive to the epics game store

  14. Basically, we play as Tommy Vercetti nowadays

  15. If you're walking around with your pants down and your trousers up, I have one piece of advice; Look both ways before crossing the street.

    🎶🎵 "Pants down, trousers up, that's the way we like to.." nevermind. Have a nice day.

  16. Is this on steam? Is sounds good

  17. Isnt it pronounced VISS – edge

  18. Jim is full KKomrade now ☭☭


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