Catch and Cook Hawaii / Eel Stole A Fish Out Of My Hand / S3.E1.P2 – Hawaii Video

Aloha Hui!

This is the second half out the Omilu episode. In this fishing video we head continue nailing some invasive snapper into the afternoon. We catch a bunch of taape and toau, and one sneaky eel steals one of the fish right out of my hand. After that we catch a few night time menpachi and get out catch and cook going strong! We go back to Auras and cook the fish up with a nice butter sauce. It was GOOD. Catch and cook action, fishing in Hawaii, stoked!

A hui hou!

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  1. brah taape is cherry ulua bait

  2. You should make a video on all of your fishing gear

  3. Aura is becoming a natural, love it! 🤙🏽

  4. "This eel is verocious!" Classic! Keep up the good work, always stoked when a new vid comes out.

  5. Lol brah the flex on the pole holder is hilarious

  6. Shaka note…..make sure they dead before you rinse em.

  7. 🤙🏾 Datz Dope 🤙🏾

  8. When you coming back to oahu man I wanna meet you and fish with you!

  9. that ginger root looked like a dead bird or something, tripped me out for a second hahaha. Try steaming your fish chinese-style next time, you got the ginger already!

  10. Brah u and skys daily 808 gotta collab hes super cool. Met um at the torny that would be fkn cool

  11. Dang Puhi Patrols regulating

  12. I just seen that guy Payton at White plains beach whipping😂😂🤙🏾

  13. Thats a cute pole holder 😆


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