First Time Hawaii Waikiki Beach – Hawaii Video

First Time in Hawaii I stayed in a beachfront hotel on Waikiki Beach.

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  1. 1st wow very nice Hawaii thanks for a new Video!!🤩🤩🤩!!….

  2. Have the buffet breakfast at Duke’s outrigger

  3. Coffee…. well done sir. Thank for the video.

  4. I'm a retired Air Force officer with no kids and I'm not married, so my retirement pension check is substantial. Can I go to the Philippines or Thailand and find a super hot 25 year old girl?

  5. I used to live in Hawaii and the problem is that its been under democrat oppression for 60 years. The kamaina there are what we smart people call reflex voters. They keep voting democrat because that’s what they always have done and are both too stupid and too lazy to think about what they are doing. I was in a tax office and i was talking to a guy and he said “oh,? Idk its what ive always done.” (Vote demoshithead) So I educated him and he discovered he was a conservative.

  6. Go eat at the Koa House in Kaneohe. Have the Hawaiian sweetbread french toast.
    It’s cheaper than anything the idiots send you too on the leeward side.


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