Frozen Anna and Hans Wedding Can Elsa Stop them from Getting Married in Hawaii? Totally TV – Hawaii Video

Frozen Wedding Anna and Hans Are Getting Married in Hawaii with Moana & Princess Jasmine.

Hans’ evil Valentine scheme is going according to plan when he and Anna make plans to get married in Hawaii. Anna is still under a love spell so she has no chance to tell Elsa about her wedding to Hans. Meanwhile, Elsa is getting worried because she can’t find Anna. In Hawaii, Hans and Anna take a moment to relax on the beach where they run into Moana. Of course Moana calls Elsa as soon as she realizes that Anna is going to marry Hans. With help from Princess Jasmine, Elsa makes Jafar give her the cure for Anna’s love spell. Elsa makes it to Hawaii with just minutes to spare, will she be able to give Anna the cure before it’s too late? Keep watching this exciting Frozen adventure to find out and stay tuned for more Disney movies in real life parody videos.

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  1. Anna's hair is so beautiful when it is out

  2. Hans should marry evil cousin ASLE

  3. I think he should marry with one of Cinderella's step sister's!!!!! ♡=♡?♡

  4. I love you so much I watch you everyday lol please write me back

  5. Elsa weird
    It is 2017

  6. Hans should marry maleficent

  7. hans should marry elsa or bella

  8. he is goin to marry evil quuen

  9. Ursula,ugly stepsisters or asle

  10. hans should marry cinderella's ugly stepsisters


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