Hawaii Introduced A Bill To Destroy Loot Boxes – Hawaii Video

Hawaii has introduced several bills to help fight the spread of Loot Boxes. These games of chance in video games are viewed by many as addictive gambling and Hawaii has now taken measures to treat them like a Casino. These bills could lead to stores in Hawaii outright refusing to carry these titles as it could cause serious issues a retail locations.

Read more about these Bills here: http://www.hawaiitribune-herald.com/2018/02/12/hawaii-news/bills-target-video-games-with-rewards-for-a-price/

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  1. If it’s only Hawaii, then Hawaii gets shafted from a bunch of games. If it gets nationwide support, or a good amount of states at least, then the companies will actually have to change their bullshit. Which would be amazing

  2. As much as I hate loot boxes and want them to leave, I hate government intervention even more. While it's harder, I'd like the gaming community to pressure these companies into getting rid of loot boxes more than I want legislation to handle it. Once governments dip their hands in the cookie jar, they'll never take it out unless we cut it off.

  3. Hey we can finally get complete whole games then i like that idea

  4. I don't feel bad in the least for people who gamble their life savings away. Putting an age limit for purchase and serious warning labels seems like a good idea. Although some shitty parents will still buy them for their kids.

  5. Honestly. That's perfect. Tell people upfront what is in the game they are buying and the consequences. If anyone buys it then that's on them. The sweet spot imo. And it allows for the rotten eggs to be sorted out

  6. 2:13 The thing is though, kids would just put there birthdate as 01/01/1900 on their Xbox/PS if it asks them, lol. (That is for digital game purchases)

  7. Your xenoblade comment about having loot crates is totally accurate. Although there is a chance generator (in terms of blade distribution), no real world money is required to open them. The $60 u pay for the game gives u access to everything the game has to offer. There is no way those could count as lootcrates for this bill. Only if there are micro-transactions.

  8. I don't think loot boxes should be against the law, despite how much I hate them.

  9. We need to be like hawaii

  10. We will never use microtransactions. That's how Iwata did it, it's how Nintendo does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far

  11. Okay, I was watching this as objectively unbiased as I can..
    I dislike loot boxes..
    Yes, corporate greed is involved, but there were probably a lot of people who may also lose jobs because the amount of money that loot boxes generated gets their head chopped off from the bills that may be put in place..
    However… In the long run, I think it'll be fine if everything goes through..
    Even though, maybe micro transactions like actually buying cosmetics will still be there..
    But in the long run, companies will pretty much have to go a much more consumer friendly route..

  12. I'm really happy that they are doing something about this. Hope it goes into effect and it goes nationwide. This will teach EA and other company's thinking to get greedy. The only thing I pay for is dlc to expand the game play of a game but besides that I or should I say we shouldn't have to!! No one wants loot boxes!!!!

  13. Hawaii always ruins things

  14. My take on this whole debacle is this: micro transactions in FB games and phone games or any free to play game is okay because the developers are giving access to the game for everyone for free. They have to pay for the game somehow, and lootcrates in that sense would be okay. I could also see a game that normally costing $60 being sold for $30 with lootcrates… to a degree. But lootcrates in $60 games does not seem right to me at all

  15. Yes! That will show those abusive assholes for making us waste more money on an already purchased product. And those insufferable ignoramus who support this god awful practice too. Seriously the fact that this horrible practice is being allowed is really putting a strain on gaming as a whole.

    "Cosmetics though-"

    No. Enough with this bullshit. I don't care if its cosmetics or not; we shouldn't be throwing away cash on stupid gimmicks and accessories in a full price video game. Ever. Do you not remember when cosmetics were EARNED by skills/achievements as free unlockables a couple generations back? We shouldn't be swiping our credit cards for something that is locked behind a paywall because its an obvious scam, no matter how small it is. Do be part of the problem. This microtransactions shit must be put in its place before it suffocates the rest of the gaming industry. Its gross.

  16. And some people will still defend loot boxes.

  17. If loot boxes are gambling would that make TCG's and sport cards gambling too? Because there are the same as loot boxes you put some money in you can get something cool, and rare you don't have; or you get a bunch of the same common over, and over again. (Just saying do not hate TCG's in fact I love collecting them for fun this is just an example that few have brought up)

  18. Better ban Chuck e cheese it's literally a kids casino

  19. Question: does Breath of the Wild contain Loot Boxes? There are several exclusive pieces of gear that can only be obtained from randomly tapping an amiibo, generating a supply drop with a treasure chest. Many of these amiibo cost an arm and a leg any more. Sure you pay for it once and you can try back every day but heck that’s $16 on a good day for a figure and some armor (totally didn’t buy all of them or anything)…

  20. They're killing the wolves before they're domesticated into dogs. For every backlash there will be a market correction. Each iteration creating a new and better system.

  21. Personally, I don't think this is something that should be banned/restricted by legislation. Yeah, games like Battlefront 2 have been ruined by loot boxes and other games like Overwatch do it well, but even whether or not we liked how loot boxes were implemented in a game should not effect whether or not they should be legal. Personally, I don't feel that the loot boxes are akin to gambling as long as the companies publish what the odds of certain rarities of loot are. The lack of information about how likely you are to win at a game is a big part of why gambling can be so dangerous. Blizzard has been very good about this, and they have even guarenteed one event item in each event loot box you get. Companies like EA have not been as good about this as far as I have seen. I feel that the notification on the games saying that it uncludes micro transactions makes a lot of sense, but saying that it can be addictive is over the top in my opinion.


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