Hawaii Day III: Playing with Guns / Exploring Caves / Meeting Cool Birds – Hawaii Video

In this vlog we go cave exploring, do some firing range sesh, small photo shoot of KMR merch and grab some late night ramen. Also, we meet one of the coolest birds.

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Steven (White Varis STI): http://instagram.com/renn.s
Gerrick (White Rocket Bunny rc350): http://instagram.com/D_D0ubleg
Jerry (Grey Liberty Walk Infiniti G37): http://instagram.com/jerry_v36
Gutu (Black IS 350): http://instagram.com/gu2
Shayne (Blue Infiniti G37): http://instagram.com/shayne187
Eddie (White 370z): http://instagram.com/5eight7

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  1. Loving these Hawaii vids man!

  2. The new intro gets me every time and all the Hawaii vlogs make me want to plan a trip ASAP!

  3. LET ME USE YOUR CAR FOR A MUSIC VIDEO 😍 also calgary weather been slush lately my cars gonna be looking like dirt for the next few weeks 😂

  4. Hi can you say my name on the next video please 😀😀

  5. Am I the only one getting the vbe that birdy is super uneasy around the guns?

  6. It was such an honor to meet you bro! My IG tag is @tristeeezyy in case you see my photo haha

  7. When kids in your school told you that your car is riced

  8. Does anyone know the Song at 10:30 ?

  9. Hey birdie hit me up when your here in the philippines! Ima bring you to some car meets!

  10. Thank you for sharing a piece of Hawaii with us. It's on my bucket list.

  11. Great video again mate. keep it up.

  12. when u see simon with his finger on the trigger ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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