Blizzard WARNINGS out for 3rd Bombogenesis, Hawaii & California Rivers from the Sky (550) – Hawaii Video

Blizzard WARNINGS are out for the 3rd Bombogenesis in the last three weeks, which is strange dont you think. What is happening with the atmosphere and this sudden shift in intensity. It sure isnt CO2, its a Grand Solar Minimum. Boston and surrounding areas 3+ feet of snow, expect massive power outages as this snow is wet and heavy. Travel will be disrupted. Also west coast USA massive rain events on tap and Hawaii 20+ inches of rain coming in the next days. Climate scientists were rescued from ice in Antarctica and the North Pole is still -30 F and continues to cool.

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Frontogenesis, was bombogenesis, cant have 3x so they changed the name already
Bob Ross
Blizzard Warning

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  1. Beautiful ! A Winter Wonderland !🤗

  2. Its a 💣 track!!! Im dead in the middle Dave. Up to 2 feet. Briiiing it!! Its coming down hard.

  3. Grow lighting series has started on my channel Dave!!

  4. Bill Nye hates Climate DeNyers. Expsose them lies.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Fxck the Chemtrails. Satanist pricks.

  6. Grand Solar Minimum Update 3/13/18 – Sakurajima Outgassing – Snowcane Skylar Slams New England – Water Survival Guide


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