Strange trumpet sounds in the sky of Pahala, Hawaii | 4/4/2018 ?? – Hawaii Video

Strange trumpet sounds in the sky in Pahala, Hawaii on April 4, 2018 by Snippins. What can the strange trumpet sounds in the skies of Hawaii be? Find out here.

Snippins video – Signs of End Times | Strange trumpet sounds in the skies of Hawaii:

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  1. Any moment now the religious people will be here saying it’s a sign from god

  2. There is an old English saying, the early bird catches the worm. You got that worm very early Indeed

  3. If this did happen in Hawaii, im sure the Cousin Brothers would be all over it. Like a 5 Dollar Hoe… Tyler has been doing a lot of video's on this sort of thing lately… Nice debunk mate.

  4. Sounds like the tripod alien machines from 2005's War of the Worlds

  5. FAQ: Maybe it's just showing a few hours difference due to the time zones

    Time Zone automatically adapts with your location. However, if he's a time traveler nobody heard this sound. Just open Facebook, do a search on Pahala and reach out to people. Ask them.

    These things are very easy to debunk because it should involve the public.

  6. Haha you rock dude.!!! Good work.!!!

  7. Those sounds are also made by the engine harmonics of the F22 fighter. Are there any air bases there or training grounds? Those engines sound other worldy at times. Probably by design to strike fear into people

  8. There was another video of Hawaii that had the same sounds with different footage. That was also faked I'm pretty sure.


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