Hawaii volcano update: New River of Lava Emerges as Fissure Flow Becomes Unpredictable – Hawaii Video

Hawaii volcano update: New River of Lava Emerges as Fissure Flow Becomes Unpredictable

A RIVER of lava is spreading across Hawaii’s Big Island as the flow from fissure 8 begins to show signs of becoming unstable, with no end in sight for the eruption of the Kilauea volcano.

Kilauea has been in an eruptive phase since May 3, with more than 650 homes, including a property belonging to Big Island mayor Harry Kim, destroyed so far, and more than 2,000 people evacuated.

Residents are also having to contend with noxious vapours know as vog and laze, which result when gases from the volcano react with sunlight and seawater respectively.

Read More: http://bit.ly/2KR1FYQ

Courtesy: USGS, Paradise Helicopters, Hawaii County Fire Department


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  1. This looks like it never going to stop

  2. Not too long ago people were busy living their lives in safety and comfort. Now their homes are gone and lava is flowing like mad over the land where their homes once stood. So sad, so scary. It can happen anywhere at any time. Count your blessings and be thankful for what you have today…it may not always be there tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow. Prayers to all involved with volcanoes/earthquakes/floods all over the world, may we all be safe.

  3. I really do think that fissure 8 is a new volcano

  4. If this was a movie they would have come up with a solution!

  5. Imagine jumping into the lava from that helicopter.

  6. Get your real estate while its hot.

  7. So what is the DEEP STATES reasoning for starting this/keeping this going?…..it didn't happen to just erupt at the precise time it did.

  8. Has the volcano been weaponized? Are you done with content that coincides with your namesake?


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