Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Update: Lava Eruptions at Fissure 8 May Be Slowing Down – Hawaii Video

Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Update: Lava Eruptions at Fissure 8 May Be Slowing Down

After months of eruptions, causing evacuations, destruction of property and land, and the creation of new landscapes, lava output from Fissure 8 at the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii was slowing down as of Sunday.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) announced on Sunday that the helicopter overflight conducted in the morning confirmed a “significant reduction” in lava output from Fissure 8. Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) geologists noticed low levels of fountaining, or lava being sprayed into the air, as well as largely crusted lava into the spillway and channel system downstream.

Read more: https://bit.ly/2AKzo1w

Courtesy: USGS, Paradise Helicopters, Hawaii County Fire Department


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  1. I wonder what the storm dropping tons and tons of cold water on the lava flows will do ???

  2. I wouldn’t be worried about the
    Local wildlife lol. It’s adapted to me in and around lava. It’ll take time, but nature will reclaim it.

  3. WHY ?????? Must you keep playing the same tiresome video. ?

  4. All of this footage is file footage, from weeks ago. fissure 8 (Komoniwannablowyakno)has ciesed and has a new shell of semi hardened lava. when this hurricane strikes this superheated water it will create the world's first recorded Hypercane. the superheated water with the low barometric pressure added to the tropical wind currents spell doom to the world.


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