8-08 USGS ?? Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Eruption Lava Flow Overflight Footage Update on Google ? – Hawaii Video

3D Animation rendered on Google Earth with 8/01/2018 Crater Satellite Radar images for Hawaii Kilauea Volcano summit and East Rift Zone Fissure Complex Lava Flow map released on 8/07/2018 11:00 AM, USGS M3+ Earthquake Data, Summit Crater Fault and Fracture map, USGS 6/29/2018 released Fissure 8 Drone flight image, USGS 8/08 – 8/05 2018 Kilauea Volcano related visuals are also included.

At the moment, there are 24 locations indicated (1 through 24) The first occurrence at F1 location started on 5/3/2018 at Leilani Estates. According to the latest USGS ERZ lava flow map F8 is the most active fissure but no lava flow to the channel Total Lava flow estimated area is ~13.7 square miles.

Source Image, Video, Data Credit; U.S. Geological Survey, Digital Globe, Google, NOAA, NSF, U.S. NAVY, NGA, GEBCO, LDEO–Columbia, Landsat / Copernicus, NASA, U.S. Department of Interior Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana CosmoSkyMed, European Space Agency, Derivation from USGS, NASA Imagery

Ukulele Beach – Doug Maxwell

Video and images may be enhanced for increased clarity.

Ocean surface layer has been disabled and elevation visualisation is set to higher than normal to increase the perception of the geographic features.

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  1. ? ?????Thank you for another great video. The crater sure has changed….
    Wonder what is next…as times change….. ??. For the teechur ?. ?. @ 6:48 luv the colors and patterns. Absolutely amazballs!! ?

  2. The view is showing clearer sky's, shes really calming down.
    Excellent presentation , Thank you for bringing this to our view.
    Blessings over your day ❤

  3. Aloha and Mahalo! ?
    Your updates are always outstanding.
    When I view the flow maps on the USGS site I automatically hear your update music and that makes me smile.

  4. Awesome pictures and great description titles. Always love seeing your videos, they are so informative compared to the mainstream media coverage. Thanks for all you hard work bringing this to us all.

  5. It will be interesting to watch the cool down and how nature rebuilds. The new shapes and cracks. Mt St Helens’ regrowth and regrowth from our forest fires. It is amazing too. New life. ???⛈??

  6. Thanks for stabilizing that helicopter footage. The original on the USGS site was so shaky I thought I was going to fall out of copter just watching it 🙂

  7. could there have been a collapse and blockage of the lava conduit , and has there been any measured inflation of the summit , just playin devils advocate here

  8. … no comment (senza parole!) … now I go out for my tribe … Grazie in nome della tribù … ????

  9. Aloha it has been erupting since 1985 it's under ground lava tubes hugs just the crater stopped why Mars left the pulling hugs Dear friend keep the music always what just jokin catching a ? boggie on sweet Big Island friend never been there but plan to when I have a good friend bless your Ohana

  10. I can't believe it's actually receding!! Let's hope it continues!! Loved the fly over of the summit!! Amazing!! And you always have such great shots of the boat ramp and all that lava soo close!! Prayers for the boat ramp!! Thank you Volkan for all your dynamic work!!

  11. great video – one question – the stat on the volume lost in the crater confuses me. I think it says that the DAILY volume loss is 13 million cubic yards. Was that the peak loss on a big drop day, or an average for a short duration?

  12. What a difference in one week. But we're will or will the lava force it's way out. One of the lower fissures closer to the ocean?

  13. Thank you so much for this. I loved the extended coverage you provided today of the crater. Your videos are superb.

  14. Thanks very much for great videos. I notice some steam rising from some areas. Is the lava still runing underneath them?

  15. Thanks again Volkan, with each montage better than the previous. I particularly like the skilful way you transpose the Google and USGS maps with photos of the scene. It adds a further dimension to the understanding of what’s going on there. Just great!

  16. Mahalo Volkan…
    Beautiful, Informative, and Breathtaking Views!

    Our birthday wish (husband and I born the same day) has come true… hopefully Issac Hale remains… for this special place in near and dear to us!

    Mahalo for all your beautiful work!!!

  17. Excellent video! This is one of your best ones. Thank you 🙂

  18. Another amazing video! I especially liked the zoom in on the boat ramp. 10:05 It clearly shows how close the lava is and i was a little shocked to see how tall the lava is down there. I knew the flow-field was puffed up with Lava but when you zoomed to that area and panned left, it looks like it is at least as tall as the trees are.
    I still don't know how people are going to access the boat ramp, except by water, and maybe that's enough for now. At least people who still have usable property down there can get to their property by boat once this cools down.
    Fissure 8 at 6:47 looks like a huge footprint to me.

  19. Another AMAZING video! Thank you so much Volkan! ❤️??‍♀️??????

  20. Hello my dear Volkan…I'm so happy to see this video here. Wow…looks like you can see the earth from space circling around looking at all the damage created by the volcano. Huge! The thermal map is always so awesome to see. Love looking at these pictures from above, and the map spinning around as the earth still spins. This time I can really see the volcano subsiding now. First time, actually. You did really good with the making of this video. You captured some really good images that you didn't have before. Love the views towards the end. Very cool. Nothing stops you from your projection my dearest, Volkan. Sleep well and hope you are doing fine. Thoughts of you…Christine ????????????????

  21. So happy you post these beautiful little masterpieces! Saw the action close up in mid-July and I can’t stop watching you videos! Thanks!


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